Travel Essentials

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I would love to be on permanent vacation!

I guess the next best thing, is a career that gives me lots of flexibility to work on the go. My essential oil business has done just that!

I began my essential oil business after discovering how helpful they were for my family coming back from vacation! Can you say, “Jet Lag”?  Since then, my use and understanding of these travel essentials has grown and developed into the perfect business for me.

If your interested in how I use essential oils in my life, both at home and abroad, feel free to comment or message me here. I’m always happy to share how they have added to our families over all wellness.

In addition, this has been a great business path for me. If you would like to join me on this growing path of opportunity, contact me at

If you are interested in getting any of the products that I have mentioned in my posts, feel free to contact me or shop direct from my business page. The link is below.

You can also send me a request to join my private wellness group on facebook at  Here we share ideas about how to incorporate essential oils and non harmful products into our daily living. It’s a fun page and lots of great ideas for you and your family…traveling through life!



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