About Hawaii

My cousin was once talking to a time share salesman. His pitch included, “We even have time share options in Hawaii….because it’s not like you have an Aunt Martha who lives in Hawaii that you can stay with!!  Am I Right?”

My Mom’s name is Martha. And she lives in Hawaii. So, yes, she did have an Aunt Martha, who lived in Hawaii, who she could stay with. True Story.

But not everyone does! What I hope to do here with this blog is to introduce you to Hawaii as if your Aunt Martha lived there! Seeing a place through the eyes of a local is priceless. My hope is that from this perspective you will be able to truly appreciate the islands and the people who call Hawaii home.

Here is what Hawaii is not.

  • It is not a third world county. Don’t expect to find third world prices there.
  • Hawaii is not Miami. Or Mexico. It’s Hawaii. Totally different.
  • We are not a foodie’s mecca. However, if you like to experience ever changing local “grinz” (food), hang on, your in the right blog.
  • If you came here for a “party boat”, stop reading this blog.

What Hawaii Is

  • We are part of the United States. A state. The 50th. See previous comment about not a 3rd world county.
  • We are Americans and most of the population is a mix a various cultures that mostly immigrated here during the sugar cane plantation days.
  • We have an indigenous population know as Hawaiians. Not decedents of any European explorers. Indigenous. Native.
  • We speak a local pidgin English.  That is NOT the Hawaiian language.
  • We were self rulled for hundres of years. That ended in an American government back coupe. Yeah, they never told you that in school, I know.
  • We have a native language called Hawaiian.
  • We have a significant homeless population.
  • We have lots of Aloha spirit….unless you’er rude. We don’t do rude.
  • We don’t use our car horn…. unless it’s to say “Hi”.
  • We pull to the side for emergency vehicles. Completely.  To the side.
  • Traffic on Oahu in a real issue. Plan for it.
  • If you never leave Waikiki, you will have missed the point.
  • Hawaii can change your mood. Change your life. You just have to be open to it.

There are many free things to experience here. Your bucket list trip to Hawaii doesn’t have to be the last bucket list item you ever do. I was born and grew up in Hawaii and never took a helicopter to see anything.  I still have beautiful memories of the islands.  You don’t need to spend like a millionaire to have million dollar memories.

So if any of this sounds like something that keeps Hawaii on you must do list, then read away!  The Local Girl Traveling blog posts from Hawaii come from a core group of Hawaii born travel writers and adventures at heart!  Some still live in Hawaii.  Some live elsewhere, and keep coming back.  Some have kids. Some are hikers. Some are photographers.  Most have seen lots of the other parts of the world.  Whatever your situation, we have someone who will speak to your style of island travel.

So join us as we blog about how we love to show Hawaii off to the world. Feel free to leave a comment or email us with questions.  If you never had a friend from Hawaii, now you have several!