Disney Difference

Family Photo at Hollywood Studios, 2016


When I was I child, I dreamed of growing up and being Snow White at Disney World because I had only been there once. When I was 4.  I never went again until I was in college. It was that Magical.

Lucky for me, my husband harbors in his soul a bit of Peter Pan to my Ariel. Today, we are DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members. We make an annual trip there, usually for a extended weekend. So we do Disney Different.

Eric and I (yes, his name is really Eric), when we decided to purchase our membership, knew that we were not the “blow it out” every year kinda family. We had small children who needed naps. We had adults who needed small children to take naps.  We needed a kid friendly vacation that the adults could enjoy and not need a vacation from our vcation when we got back.

So our vacations are focused on maximizing our limited park time. It’s more about the vacation experience and really focused on everyone having a good time. If you think Disney has gotta be better than sore feet, expensive everything, and screaming kids… your right!

Join me on this magic carpet ride each year. I promise to show you a whole new world of for people like you and me. People who want to be able to remember their trip!



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  1. aman says:

    nice site


    1. Lori Hieger says:

      Thank you! Hope you tagging along with me!


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