These Boots….


One of the questions I was asked recently about travel to Arizona, was in regards to foot wear!  The “go to” is often athletic shoes and flip flops.  I must admit, that was my first thought. However, I dragged along my boots to our trip this year not really knowing if I would use them. Thinking that I was falling into the “tourist” mentality that I try to avoid at all costs, I sheepishly tossed them on my feet on the way out the door.

Best packing choice I have made in a long time.

There is a reason why cowboys (and girls) own at least one pair of boots, and its not fashion related. They work! The west is a dusty, rocky, and sometimes cold place! As a girl who grew up with soft sand between her toes and flip flops, or “slippas” as we call it in Hawaii, year round, boots seem a novelty.  But here, they are a necessity.

Although these have a heal, they are well made (Frye). They are meant to work. They are meant to last you a long time. I didn’t hike in these of course, but they kept my feet warm on the cool 45 degree evenings walking to dinner. They protected my feet from the gravel that seems to dominate the landscaping features of Arizona.  And they kept the dust from getting between my toes as it would with my sandals.  Here in Arizona, they go with almost anything! Jeans, dress, skirt, even shorts. They are functional. And yes, they can be fashionable.

So, when less is more (and who are we kidding in this day and age of travel, less is always better), transitional foot wear is a must.  Because these boots are made for walking….and that’s just what they’ll do…and much more.




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